Special Incentives Guarantee Savings Up Tp 10%!

Solar Savings. No Roof Required.

Special Incentives Guarantee Savings Up Tp 10%!



What is Community Solar?

Community Solar enables ANY resident or business to take advantage of solar power, even renters and apartment dwellers! Enjoy the freedom of going solar with nothing installed on your roof or property. There is no hassle or maintenance and you start saving on green power immediately.

Save Money


It's no secret that by replacing your electricity source with solar energy you'll save money on your electric bill. But until now, this benefit was only available to those who put solar panels on their roof. By becoming a subscriber of a Community Solar Farm, you can start saving too.

No Installation or Maintenance Service


There are no installation issues to contend with, and no maintenance responsibilities. The remotely located commercial grade system is optimally designed to be up to 30% more efficient then traditional residential rooftop systems.

Clean Power


...Even if you move. Subscribers get clean power for decades; and system ownership can transfer when you move. With centralized maintenance, your system is monitored and maintained without interrupting your schedule or intruding upon your privacy.

Who We Are

CPP Genie Community Solar is a group of like-minded energy industry experts who believe anyone that pays an electric bill should be given the opportunity to better their environment, strengthen their local economy, and save money. These opportunities and benefits are no longer reserved only for those willing and able to make capital investments for Solar installations. We are committed to SOLAR SAVINGS FOR ALL – homeowners, business owners and managers, and renters alike, without the need for solar panels and other equipment installed at your home or on your property.

We offer Community Solar in an effort to help home and business owners, and renters alike, achieve their solar energy savings goals.

With our partners we are well positioned to leverage our collective expertise to offer a more compelling solar product to maximize savings!

The Joint Venture

Over several years of working toward our vision of expanding community solar access, together, Community Power Partners and Genie Energy, now CPP Genie has developed a specialty in driving community solar customer acquisition and project management. We have leveraged our network of sales partners, our internal team, and our proprietary online platform to enroll thousands of customers on community solar projects throughout New York State and beyond. We strive to offer a comprehensive package of benefits to community solar producers operating through NYSERDA’s NY-Sun program. Our venture is primarily focusing on serving community solar within New York for projects that offer consolidated billing through the community distributed generation initiative.

You receive one billfrom your utility company with the solar credit discount applied.

Genie Energy

Genie Energy

Genie Energy, Ltd. (GNE, GNEPRA) is a global provider of energy services. The Genie Retail Energy division supplies electricity, including electricity from renewable resources, and natural gas to residential and small business customers in the United States. The Genie Retail Energy International division supplies customers in Europe and Asia.  

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The Genie Energy Services division includes Diversegy, a commercial and industrial brokerage and consultative services company, and Genie Solar Energy and Prism Solar, which design, supply and install commercial solar solutions.

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Community Power Partners

Community Power Partners

CPP is the leading Community Solar Customer Aggregation Firm in New York. As an affiliate of Matrix Solar Development, a New York based Community Solar Developer, and stemming from professionals with over 60 years of combined experience in real estate development, energy sales and renewable energy development, CPP leverages their expertise to offer the most compelling and effective Community Solar Customer Aggregation product on the market.

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Launched in April 2018 CPP was initially formed to fill a void in the Customer Aggregation space that became apparent during the due diligence process for Community Solar Customer Aggregation and Subscription Management for its own portfolio. Due to inefficiencies and strong demand in the market, CPP has since expanded its service offering to other Community Solar Developers, Subscription Management Companies and Asset Owners Nationwide.

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Frequently Ask Questions


If you live in New York State, then the answer is yes! Click here to request a free quote and find out how much you can be saving with Community Solar.


Community Solar enables any residential utility customer to take advantage of solar power, even renters! Enjoy the freedom of going solar with nothing on your roof or property. There is no hassle or maintenance and you start saving on green renewable power immediately.


Whether you’re a renter, a condo or apartment dweller, or a homeowner, you qualify for Community Solar. Click here to request a quote and find out how much you could be saving on your energy bill.


The process is simple. First, choose how much solar energy you want. You can offset a part of your energy bill, or all of it. Then, each month you pay your community solar rate. This rate applies to only you and your follow community solar participants. If you use more electricity than your share of community solar, you’ll pay your normal electric rate for the excess.

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